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From trade shows at huge convention centers, to group shows at small galleries, I've done a lot of shows over the years. My first solo show, "Ok As Is," was at The Future Perfect in Brooklyn. There was a design scene burgeoning in Brooklyn at the time and The Future Perfect was at the center. I put everything I had into that show and led me to some ideas that I spent years perfecting in subsequent shows like, â€śErsatz Heirlooms," "Tape, Dust and Fake Antlers," "My Bad - It's all Good" and "Everything's Amiss." At Design Miami in 2007, I was asked to do a "design performance." Not wanting to be treated like a circus animal, I decided to hire a hypnotist to coax designs out of other people. By 2009 my interests started to change a bit and I did a show during ICFF in New York, which I titled "Jason Miller, Under New Management." Nobody got the joke. Shows allow work to be presented outside of the world of commerce. The conceptual insulation that they offer can be incredibly freeing. Here is a sampling of some that have meant the most to me.