New Installation - UMass Dartmouth

In 1963 one of my favorite architects, Paul Rudolph was commissioned to create a master plan for the Southeastern Massachusetts Technological Institute (now the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth). Rudolph would later say about the project, “The central organization of this campus is purposely a moving, or dynamic, one. That’s the very nature of what is needed, as I see it. When one gets beyond the spiraling mall, with its defining buildings, walks, terraces, plantings, etc., then other architects will take over, and indeed they already have. In that sense, I’ve thought of it as similar to Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia, wherein he made a fixed, well-defined, marvelous central core for the campus." Part of Rudolph's central core, is the Library building, which after 40 years is getting a full renovation, and I am happy to say they have chosen 17 large Modo chandeliers for the main space. We'll post images as soon as we  have some.

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