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Jason Miller Studio is now on Instagram! Please follow us @jasonmillerstudio. Click the image below to login now.

Vogue recently celebrated it's 10th anniversary. For the occasion the editors asked me to reimagine their iconic logo as a light. Odds & Ends seemed like a natural starting point. Click the image below to read the article.

November in Washington DC

George Washington University has asked me to be the 6th lecturer in their annual Distinguished Designer Lecture Series. The event takes place Thursday, November 6th at 6:00 pm. Hope to see you there.


On the first day of wheel throwing class in college (many years ago) our teacher offered us a challenge. If anyone could throw a 10 inch cylinder before the end of the semester they would get an "A" and no longer have to come to class. Not being the most enthusiastic student, this seemed like a perfect opportunity. It took me 3 weeks to get my "A". What I didn't count on was that I really liked throwing pots, so I kept going to class. Earlier this year, in search of a hobby, I bought a wheel and decided to start making bowls. I have no idea where it will lead, but it's nice to feel like I'm back in college every now and then.

Milan 2014

My latest design for Roll & Hill will be launching this year during Salone del Mobile. The project is called Fiddlehead. It's form is inspired by the budding fern of the same name. The pendant and cantilever versions will be on display at Spazio Pontaccio. Please come check it out.

Recent Press - L'ArcoBaleno

If you haven't checked out Ambra Medda's beautiful new website, L'ArcoBaleno you should (who doesn't like rainbows?). And while you're browsing take a look at the article Jill Singer wrote on New York design. Thanks Jill. Click the image below to read it now.

New York Design Week 2013

It's been a while since we've had a booth at ICFF, but we're happy to be back this year and showing four new pieces, including the new Daydreams Mirror Triptych pictured below. Additionally, I have designed a sofa for The Future Perfect's new upholstery collection and several new lights for Roll & Hill. Below is a list of venues were my work will be exhibited.

-Jason Miller Studio at ICFF, Javits Center, Booth 1840
-The Kent Sofa for the Future Perfect, Javits Center, Booth 1304
-Roll & Hill, Javits Center, Booth 1632
-Neri & Hu, De La Espada and Roll & Hill, 345meatpacking (345 West 14th Street)

Recent Press - Vaga

If you haven't come across Vaga, the beautiful new fashion and arts magazine yet, you should keep an eye out. You won't be disappointed. For issue #4 they asked me to speak with style curator, Natalie Kates. The result was a beautiful 8 pages spread with a very thoughtful interview. Thank you very much to everyone at Vaga.

Shooting Daydreams

Every now and then I read about a model describing the suffering endured to make a beautiful photograph. I never had much sympathy, until we started shooting images for Daydreams mirrors. Photographer Jeffrey Schad and I have shot in the rain at the crack of dawn in Colorado (I had to fly home to New York that afternoon with wet shoes), we've shot while standing in the ocean as high tide came in (eventually filling Jeffrey's waders with 40 degree water) and we've shot in the woods in two feet of snow. The latest shoot took place on the beach on Long Island. The images look like a beautiful summer day. In reality, it was so cold, I couldn't feel my fingers for an hour after we left. Maybe models do have a difficult job?

Milan Furniture Fair 2013

The Milan Furniture Fair is just weeks away (April 9 - 14). My latest lighting designs will be on view with Roll & Hill at Euroluce (Hall 13, Stand G02) and at Spazio Pontaccio in Brera. I am most excited about the additions to the Mini Endless collection, which now includes a custom-made brass ball joint for connection sections together at virturally any angle. Daydreams will be on display at Skitsch.

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